Women's Ministry

"A woman who fears the Lord shall be greatly praised,"  Proverbs 31:30

It is our desire and our prayer, that through the Women's Ministry, we stay connected and help each other grow spiritually and financially. The Women's Ministry exists to help draw women closer to the heart of God in all areas.  As wives, mothers, daughters, aunts, teachers and the various roles we play, this ministry is founded on togetherness, encouragement and empowerment. We understand that there is power in prayer and sometimes that means praying for each other, our families, our children, our community, our nation and even our world. At the heart of the Women's ministry, we want to birth intercessors as midwives who operate in the supernatural gift that makes the impossible possible, life threatening diseases healed and where doubts are turned into daring faith. We are excited for this fellowship because when we come together, the Holy Spirit within us can move mountains! Come and join us in one of the future women's ministry events!!!

 First Lady Lisa Cobb, Women's Ministry Leader


Our mission is to equip women for:

1) Personal Growth

  • Believe that every woman is valued as a role model of Biblical truth to her family, her work, her church, and her community.
  • Fulfill God's plan, purpose and calling for women as individuals and within the context of their family and the church. 
  • Provide Bible Study teachings and seminars targeted to the needs and growth of women.
  • Fellowship opportunities which serve to encourage the women's involvement in everyday life and to encourage the building of friendship.

2) Ministry 

  • Engage women in fulfilling service to our Lord, believing that every woman is gifted by God and should have the opportunity to develop that gift.
  • Get involved in the planning and executing of events.
  • Minister to one another in the church body.

3) Missions 

  • Promote all aspects of community service, and missionary outreach, encouraging all women to be involved in missions.
  • Serve our community by volunteering.
  • Display God's love in action by empowering, shaping, sharing knowledge and resources globally.