Children's Ministry

We offer children's church while their parents and the adults are in worship service.  The children's ministry has been revised with your family in mind.  Enthusiastic expressions of faith can help transform the church and everyone in it. To assist children in fully participating in their church community and in exploring their own ministry, City of Faith provides imaginative, innovative resources for those who work with the children.  Not only do we create a learning environment for the children, we make it fun so they will be impacted.


Youth & Young Adult Ministry

City of Faith is comprised of approximately 72% millenials and Generation Z.  The purpose of the Youth Ministry at City of Faith is to equip, prepare, support and encourage youth and young adults to live out their faith in Jesus Christ in the midst of a compromising generation. God has a purpose and plan for every youth and young adult; to know Him (John 17:3), serve Him and make His name known. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere where youth and young adults can mature spiritually, have a divine encounter with Jesus Christ, and grow in their intimacy with the Lord.


Marriage & Relationship Ministry

Bishop Cobb and Lady Lisa enjoy leading this ministry with passion.  The first two institutions of the kingdom of God created by our Heavenly Father was the church and marriage.  Consequently, the first thing that the enemy attacked in the garden were relationships. Satan attacked Adam and God then Adam and Eve which affected the spiritual relationship between humanity and God.  Both the church and marriage are Holy covenants and designed to mirror the relationship God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit shared.  One of unity, love and purpose in glorifying God by fulfilling their purpose.  We unapologetically seek to enhance the marriage relationship through the Word of God, small group discussions, and marriage retreats by causing the husband and the wife to understand their ordained assignment in advancing the kingdom of God.  The marriage exists primarily for the glory of God and secondarily for the enjoyment of the couple. 


Men's Ministry

At City of Faith, we want to provide men and young men with the resources to develop a godly character and help equip them to influence the world for Jesus Christ.  In so doing, males become patriarchs who are not only responsible in leading their families, but impacting their extended families within the church and community.  Bishop Cobb is passionate about developing strong men.  


Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry is designed to touch the lives of women and young ladies through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.  Lady Lisa leads this ministry with passion and a vested interest because of her impact as a Leading Lady.  This ministry hosts events and provides resources that equip women to handle life's difficulties while enriching their hearts and encouraging their souls. The strategy is to draw women closer to the heart of God and His extraordinary plan for their daily lives, empowering the 21st century woman to lead a balanced, satisfying, virtuous and victorious life.



We have established a food and grocery give-a-way minstry that assists the community by distributing between 25,000-40,000 pounds of food per week.  This ministry is designed to connect with the community and also help others establish a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, various outreach and in-reach services, events and activities are fostered to reach those who are separated from God, unchurched, disconnected or disenfranchised. The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to train and equip ordinary people to go and do extraordinary things in the name of Jesus so that all might see, hear and experience God's love in tangible ways.


Harvest Team

This ministry is responsible for the in-take of believers into the church. It is designed to nurture believers at all stages of their walk with God.  They are given a step-by-step practical path that will lead to maturity in Christ.  This ministry follows up with those who have acknowledged Christ as their Lord and Savior and is in need of further discipleship.


Intercessory Prayer - PRAYER FORCE 100

The Intercessory Prayer Team is an integral part of our Prayer Force 100 Ministry that is comprised of individuals who boldly enter into the presence of God on a daily basis.  Our intercessors are assigned to pray and intercede on behalf of our Pastors and over various areas such as family, finances, employment, community development, the state of our nation, and the world!  This team is comprised of apostolic and prophetic intercessors who are trained in using prayer as an effective tool in spiritual warfare.  The entire congregation and beyond is invited to participate in coporate intercession on a weekly basis.


Exuberand Worship Dance Ministry

The City of Faith Exuberant Worship Dance Ministry desires for each individual to encounter God through the utilization of dance or flags and for our movements to reflect the nature and power of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Applying the art form of dance or flags is an expression to reveal God's heart with no words.  It is our mission to see each person develop their fullest potential physically and spiritually through training and mentoring.