When I first came to "City of Faith" I had no idea what God had in store.  I came to help and assist a new ministry in the making with the gift of song. But that was not my assignment. God didn't bring me there to just pass through.  But he gave me a permanent seat in this household of Faith and I will forever be grateful to God for answering my prayers in more ways than one.  He has provided me with a Real Christian Family who doesn't just Talk Love but Shows Love not just to me but to my 3 children. He gave me a Leader who is truly a God Chaser and executes the Spirit of Excellence in All things Concerning The Gospel! Who is Anointed and Appointed to Lead souls back to God and help guide them to a spiritual place of Growth and Development and Knowledge through the Word of God!! There is so much I could say about this Ministry but I will simply close by saying this....over 4 months ago I was in a place where I just wanted more from God. I  was tired of the spirit of Complacency and tired of seeing people treat God like he was just a Condition. I yearned to go to higher heights, from Glory to Glory in God. And know that I needed to be surrounded by people who wanted the same thing.  Who had the same vision of Building God's Kingdom not our own.  And God Blessed me with the "City of Faith" and from that day to this one my Life has Not been the same! I Love COF  and looking forward to not just watching what God is going to do but to also be apart of what He is Doing!!!!!!

                                                                                              Shamira M. (December 2015)

Approximately 2 ½ years ago, I re-located to the West Palm Beach area from Metro Detroit.  I had both housing and employment taken care of before I arrived, so my immediate concern was finding a church home to connect with.  The ministry that I grew up in back in Michigan is a dynamic, five-fold ministry where the Spirit of the Lord reigns.  I knew that the church I joined here could offer nothing less than what I was used to.  I visited multiple churches during my search, and was surprised to see that for the most part, the worship experience was a watered down version of church as I've known it.  I began to really pray and seek the Lord's direction in leading me to a ministry where I felt at home.  I was discussing this very thing with my husband one day, and was expressing my frustration that for over two years I'd been feeling spiritually malnourished.  Much to my surprise, the very next day, I received a phone call from an Elder from City of Faith church.....He began to give me a word from the Lord that confirmed everything that I had been feeling, was and seeking God for!  It was as though he'd been sitting in on my conversation with my husband and me!  Elder Malcolm invited me out to a "Meet and Greet" function where I met Bishop Cobb and other City of Faith members.  The following Sunday, my family and I were privileged to hear Bishop Cobb minister the word of God, and he gave a prophetic word to several people who were in attendance.  I took notice of the authentic presence of God in Bishop Cobb and the City of Faith ministry.  

It didn't take long for me to realize that City of Faith is where God wants me to be! He has given me my heart's desire.  I am re-connected with a Spirit-filled, Five-Fold ministry that is Kingdom focused and driven to reach souls for Christ.  If like me, you are searching for "church out of the ordinary," and a ministry to feed your soul and impact lives for Christ, City of Faith is the place for you.  Please consider visiting.  You'll be glad you did.

                                                                                                 Felicia H. (November 2015)

I have been in this area approximately 3 ½ years. I was searching for a local church to become part of. I had visited quite a few different churches but was not getting what I needed spiritually. I was frustrated and spiritually tired of the search which seems to be taking me nowhere. Besides, I knew I needed to settle in a ministry where I could be feed and grow spiritually.

I connected with someone I knew from Dallas, Texas and he invited me out to hear Bishop Cobb minister and later a "Meet and Greet" to discuss "kingdom" building.  As I listened to the word Bishop Cobb brought forward and seeing the anointing of God upon his life.  I begin to tell God "this is just what I need!"

I begin to fellowship and attend bible study with City of Faith Church, moving forward to never look back. I am excited about what God is doing at COF, in our Bishop, and the community. Thanking God daily for my COF family!!!!

                                                                                                 Tunisia E. (November 2015)

My family and I have been living in a house that would cost us $1570 per month.  Our neighbor rented us her house, which is so much larger (a den that can accomodate 50 persons) for $1500 per month.  To God be the glory!

Sharon L. (August 2017)

While everything was going wrong within me physically, I have been feeling the presence of God on me all week.  Thursday morning came, and when I open my bank account, there was $707 in my account.  My hours happened to be less this week, therefore, my paycheck should not have been that much.  I believe the favor of God was upon me.

Gabrielle D. (August 2017)


God has done a miracle for me.  He has delivered my wife from rejection and depression.  God has healed our marriage after seven years of division and confusion.  Praise God we are living in love and unity now.  We are also praying together.

Marlon C (August 2017)