Men's Ministry

City of Faith is equipping men as patriarchs...

The mission of the Men's Ministry at City Of Faith Church is to provide men with the resources to develop a godly character and help equip them to influence their world for Jesus Christ. 

There are three stages to becoming a patriarch:

     STEP 1: BOY - a boy is just born a male.  He hasn't learned the intricacies of responsibility and yet to be responsible for othes within his household.  At this stage, he merely understand the definition of what being a male is.  He learns how to COVER HIMSELF.

     STEP 2: MAN - a man learns how to take responsibility for his decision-making and his household.  He learns the responsibility of raising his children, partnering with his wife (if applicable), and creates a legacy within his own home.  He COVERS HIS HOUSHOLD.

     STEP 3: PATRIARCH - a patriarch takes responsibility for his community and future generations.  Here he has a conviction to engage in social and community impact and change systems of oppression and inequity.  He COVERS HIS COMMUNITY/GENERATION.


Purpose of men's ministry:

  • To bring men into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To unite men in Bible study, prayer, ministry, fellowship, and accountability
  • To become a supportive environment that touches the lives of the entire family
  • To promote mentoring opportunities that lead to significant vital relationships
  • To become a magnet for service and a resource for other church ministries and missions.
  • To provide a series of events that will promote brotherhood with a common purpose