Intercessory Prayer - PRAYER FORCE 100

Intercessory Prayer - PRAYER FORCE 100

Matthew 21: 13 "It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer;"

Our Prayer Ministry's mission is to help connect people to Christ through prayer. The Prayer Ministry aims to teach and lead the church in both individual and corporate prayer. We pray without ceasing! We strive to provide ways to strengthen and enhance the prayer life of our members. Prayer may be requested in writing by clicking this link. You may also submit a prayer request during Sunday morning service or by contacting our office.

Our Prayer Ministry Does the Following:

?Study Scriptures and obey the Holy Spirit to pray to God first and without ceasing, both individually and jointly.

?Encourage filling of the Holy Spirit for power, praising God and witnessing.

?Receive church-wide prayer requests and intercede.

?Facilitate prayer meetings and needs.

?Plan, implement and evaluate intercessory prayer and fasting for specific needs, an annual prayer retreat, revival, prayer education, training events, and holiday observations.