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Christian Business Network (CBN) is composed of Christian business owners & executives models who seek to advance the kingdom of God by maximizing profitability, streamlining their business for efficiency and networking with other Christian business owners. This will create a maximum impact for families, businesses, communities and within the marketplace. Each CBN member act as your sales force, which will guarantee profitable results.

Our primary objective is to represent Christ as business owners and secure profitability through networking and access to resources. CBN is a conduit to provide biblical and business resources, foster connections founded in trust and to collaborate with each other. There is an intangible value in working with like-minded business people who at the core, strive to be like Christ and foster an environment that fulfills their calling and maximize their impact in the marketplace.


Benefits of Membership
• Access to immediate salesforce for your company
• Learning business strategies
• No competition
• Results-oriented meetings

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