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Bishop Craig Cobb

About Our Pastor


Bishop Cobb received Jesus Christ   as his Savior in 1977. He has been faithfully preaching the gospel and training leaders for over 22 years in ministry. He was consecrated as a Bishop in June 2010. However after a transition he experienced over 5 years ago, Bishop Cobb has gained even a greater hunger for God and His glory.

He is a dynamic author, teacher and businessman who has a profound passion to see others fulfill their life's purpose. He has traveled extensively throughout the country empowering others through relevant workshops and crusades impacting the spiritual and progressive landscape of individuals as well as cities.

He began his ministerial training at American Baptist College, where he graduated in three years in 1996. He received a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies & Business Administration with a minor in Psychology. He attended Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX) in pursuit of his (M. DIV). He completed his (D.DIV.) from Tabernacle Bible College (Tampa, FL) in 2012.

After successfully pastoring for 8 years in Dallas, TX, Bishop Cobb was led by the Holy Spirit to launch a new ministry as the Sr. Pastor of "City of Faith Church" in West Palm Beach, FL, in November 2015.

Prompted by a visit to the White House and a meeting with "Nancy Pelozzi" in March 2010 with a delegation of 16 other Bishops, Bishop Cobb became the Founder/President of YEP (Youth Empowered to Prosper). It is an entrepreneurial foundation for inner-city youth; teaching them business principles while breaking generational curses of poverty. Bishop Cobb is the Founder/President of KISOM (Kingdom Impact School of Ministry). It is a local & online ministry training school empowering believers & Christian leaders on diverse topics.

Bishop Cobb has authored manuals/workbooks on Intercessory Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism, Understanding the Apostolic, Connecting To The Vision Of Your Leader, Leadership and much more. The revision of his most recent book was released in 2017 entitled "Born in Royalty". It has made such a great impact on the Kingdom of God, that he has now added an 8-week small group Bible Study Course that is impacting lives worldwide teaching a true awareness of who you are "IN" Christ. All three of his new books "Prayerforce", "Fishing for Souls", and "Live and Not Die" is set to be released periodically along the way before the end of 2018.




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