About Us



"City of Faith Church" is a 5-fold ministry that exists to impact and restore the lives of people by grace through faith spiritually, emotionally, financially, and educationally by teaching the Word of God, exuberant Worship in spirit and in truth, by Walking according to supernatural faith in God through His Son Jesus, by experiencing breakthrough in Warfare through intercessory prayers and by Widening God's reach in the earth through Kingdom expansion.


We will focus on accomplishing this in 3 arenas:

1. within our COMMUNITY by establishing programs and ministries that are centered in incarnation, reconciliation, restoration, revitalization and application

2. within our CHURCHES by developing a "kingdom mentality" in our hearts centered in executing governmental operation, intercessory prayer, exuberant praise & worship, revelation of the Word of God, and exemplifying Christ-like love that will result in a supernatural atmosphere

3. within the COSMOS by training spiritual leaders and planting kingdom-minded churches under an "apostolic mantle" in an effort to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth.